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Urethane Reference | Griffith Polymers, Inc. | Tualatin, OR

Polyurethane Reference

Open cast polyurethane is the material of choice for applications requiring unique physical characteristics including resistance to abrasive wear, cut and tear resistance, excellent elongation and rebound, chemical resistance and high tensile strength.

Load Bearing Capacity of Polyurethane
Compression Properties

Open Cast Polyurethane has far greater load-bearing capacity than other conventional elastomers of comparable hardness. This high load-bearing capacity, coupled with the superior abrasion resistance and toughness, is a very important advantage in applications like press-on tires, caster wheels, industrial rolls and press brake or punch press die forming pads. The table below compares the compressive stresses required to make a 10% deflection with samples of open cast polyurethane elastomers versus neoprene rubber.

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