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Open Cast Polyurethane, the Space Age Polymer

Polyurethane, first developed in the late 1930s, was generally commercialized in the 1950s and quickly began filling the need for heavy duty non-marking solid industrial tires. Since the Fifties, uses for polyurethane have greatly diversified. Polyurethane manufacturers have gained valuable experience in compounding and fabricating during this time and have developed a broad variety of both new and improved Polyurethane products.

The adaptation of Polyurethane for any end usage is rarely a snap judgment, but rather a decision based on one or more specific performance requirements. The table below represents four of the more popular basic specifications we provide.

Another formulation, developed in the Griffith Polymers laboratory is Double Bond Polyurethane. To learn more about the most versatile material available, please go to our Double Bond link. Among the most common applications of Urethane’s unique elastomers are solid industrial tires and rolls, equipment and bin linings, die pads and spring cushions, piston cups and seals, industrial screening segments, sporting equipment and a wide variety of consumer items.


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